CZ's and Double Tap Ammo.

As many of you know, I've been a big fan and supporter/promotor of Double Tap Ammo
for over a decade.

Mike and those there at his shop in Utah, were friends during the early years of my founding of CZF and even this Blog, now into 2017.

I've over 5,000 rounds of his ammo, and only had 1 bad round, A half plated 9mm+P Bonded Defense round that somehow made it past Speer.No one at DT could be at fault for this
"almost" perfect Gold Dot.

These rounds ranged from .380 to .45 ACP and 10mm...along with .44 Special as well.

Given my exception of 1 round, I'd say 100% quality control and always superb accuracy!

Well, they are now celebrating, and it's meaning big savings for all of us.

Don't forget to take advantage of 30% off and FREE SHIPPING on all orders!!!

Doubletap is celebrating 15 years in business on August 15th, 2017!  In 2002, Mike McNett started Doubletap in his garage with 4 10mm loads!
Now we are the largest producer of 10mm ammo and we have 473 loads …

Hot and Smoke Filled

Hi guys.

Due to the numerous forest fires in the LC valley and other parts of the North-West.

I've not done any CZ shooting outside of the indoor range (Diamondback Shooters)
over in Lewiston.

The EVO 3 Scorpion and RAMI, and RAMI BD have gobbled up more than a few rounds
in the past few weeks, and I can only envision a P10-C in FDE to someday join them.

Such a P10-C would be an awesome addition, even though some have been reporting minor teething
problems with the guns making thier way into tester hands and more customer holsters.

Issues with the hard to push slide stop, and mag release button are not as important as the people
who buy CRAP steel-cased or other cheapo 9mm and then blame the gun when it chokes!

Howevr, I know that many are not "Gun Savvy" and don't know the pitfalls of Steel-Cased fodder
and CZs, or any other quality pistol or evolver for that matter.

Some buy what's either cheapest or available, or what the local "Expert" tells them to…

Some More Scorpion Shooting, and a couple Parts from CZ-USA.

This baby shot great!

One hiccup with Blazer aluminum ammo, but I've had CZs (and other guns) in the past that didn't like it.

Accuracy was very good@15-20 yards, despite being shot in "Pistol" mode.

Unlike me these days, the Scorp in FDE is svelte and light for a gun that can hold up to 30 rounds of 9mm Luger.

My new RAMI BD also got a short workout. The trigger is getting better each time I shoot it!

Jason@CZ-USA , was kind enought to send me a couple EVO 3 accessories.

Their 30-round magazine was a welcome addition, as was their CZ EVo 3 Scorpion Ambi Safety Delete.
My intial range time with the new FDE beauty left me wanting one of these... as the right hand safety pounded my rather fragile European derived pansy hand.

A person could wear shooting gloves, but I'm told that they don't really help much.
One option is to grind down the right hand safety as shown on You Tube and other places.
The most common,  being to buy a Safety Delete from CZ-USA .. or ot…

FDE EVO 3 Scorpion

By good fortune, and a good friend in Utah.

I was lucky enough to pick this up yesterday:

My plan is to shoot it on Friday, and add a KAK brace later down the road.

Thanks, to Eric and also to Jason@CZ-USA for this great 9mm.


Hi again.

Warmer weather here and some good luck on my end.

I was finally able to handle a P10C the other day...along side an also new
Shadow 2.

All I can say is that after I was able to handle the FDE P10C and test out its trigger.. then handle the equally sweet Shadow 2, is Wow!

Firstly, I've been wanting to get my hands on a P10C since Thanksgiving.
Every article or pic I've seen of them has been both very positive or enticing.
The good folks@CZUB have been cranking them out..and despite the delays in them getting over here to CZ-USA for distribution..they are now showing up.
Egonomics: That's a big word on how something feels in your hand, at least when we are talking handguns.

The P10C felt great in my hands.  It pointed very very, well..and despite seeming light for a  duty type or concealment  had a good balance (unloaded) and a solid feel to it.
I did notice that CZ's FDE color seemed even lighter than in most pics I've seen.
Trigger: Something tha…

Some P-10 C Pics

I've yet to see a P10c in the wild here in Washington state, but know that people
are buying them now.

Here are a couple pics:

I hope to get the FDE version with Nites in September.
With April Showers, turning into some May sunshine, it didn't take long for it to cloud up again here in Clarkston.

However, thos of you who have been waiting under a dark cloud of hope for your P10C orders to be fulfilled, there is good news.

Reportedly, 1,000 have shipped.

Don't know if it's from the factory to the states, or from CZ-USA to distributors.

In any event, I still have yet to se one locally, and the prospect of the Semi-Compact for
next year will probably mean July(or later) for a date on that model.

I wish the very best for both CZUB and CZ-USA on the P10 series, but I'll more than
likely be picking up a FDE EVO 3 pistol from them before I buy a FDE P10C.

It seems like everyone and their cousin has black Scorpion, so I'll go for the FDE version.

Add a stabilizer brace and have a nice and light/handy little package for range or home
defense duty.

Kind of like if, not when, I buy a CZ 512 Carbine, that will be very fun to shoot.

 Athough. I'm still…