Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Rainy Days.

Well, the new CZ-USA /Dan Wesson catlaogs for 2018 have been out for a while.

I've seen them at various food stores and I think even Wal-Mart.

Very impressive looking.

Two pistols that I'd like to have this year are their new VIGIL series Commander.

Available in both .45 and 9mm Luger.

I'd pick the 9mm as it is cheaper for me to shoot and easier on my hands as well.

A person could always buy the full-sized or suppressor ready VIGIL in .45 ACP...if
that suited them.

Another would be the basic black CZ P10-C.  I've tlaked about getting a P10-C
for a test pistol since this time last year, but have yet to do so.

Most testers seem to have the FDE version.

Another would be their P10-C in Urban Gray.

However, I really have no need for a suppressed pistol, or the added expense of buying a supressor.

Once would go on my Scorpion, if I decided to go that route.

With no actual Sub-Compact 9mms for 2018 excep the RAMI?RAM BD series.

I'm kind of interested in the new Walter PPQ SC LE.

Phosporous sights and 3 magazines. The SC LE would be lighter than my RAMI,
but a striker-fired trigger like the P10-C, or even P10-S that we have yet to see
materialize this year.

Even though.. I'd rather carry a CZ product. Walthers are top-quality firearms.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Season's Greetings!

Wishing all CZ and DW fans across the world a very Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

There are some new suprises at CZ-USA for 2018.

I can't wait to see their new catalog and the new catalogs from CZUB.

Word is that some of the new models of the P10-Cs are already in the pipeline.

These would be the guns with actual tritium night sights, but nothing concrete on that as of yet.

There are also a few new goodies for the EVO 3 Scorpion.

Now that Ive had to retire my RAMI ( Its 14 years old, and I can no longer pull the trigger in DA mode) I'm even more excited to see what variants of the P-10-C will be coming out in the new year.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

New Ammo from Double Tap.

No news guns to post about, but I have been testing out some new Double Tap ammo.

The .45 ACP and 9mm stuff is hot, but not as mucg recoil as the 255 grain Hardcast in .45 COLT from my wonderful Bond Arms Derringer.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Looking forward to cooler weather. Awesome pic of a P10-C and holster!


Not much going on . Some .22 shooting, a bit of Scorpion, and mainly looking forward to some cooler weather after a blistering hot summer.

I'd like to buy the

SB Tactical SBT Evo Scorpion brace , but really think I need to save for a P10-C.

One in basic/combat black would suit me fine.

I'd opt for a Holster From BLACK ARCH to carry it in if I choose to do so.

This holster is top-notch quality from a very progressive and ever expanding company.

They even have new Kydex mag pouches to compliment their ADM and PROTOS-M holsters.

I've used their holsters when they were SHTF GEAR, and also since they became BLACK ARCH HOLSTERS.
Comfortable, and yet still secure.

Not much in the CZ rifle line that I want, except their .22 Semi-Auto called the CZ 512 Tactical.
Being super impressed with the 

CZ 557 Sporter

 that I handled last month.

I found it to be really smooth for a CZ that's usually a really tight action when you are talking
a CZ 550.

However, a CZ P10-C will be my next purchase in the CZ/DW line.

Monday, August 14, 2017

CZ's and Double Tap Ammo.

As many of you know, I've been a big fan and supporter/promotor of Double Tap Ammo
for over a decade.

Mike and those there at his shop in Utah, were friends during the early years of my founding of CZF and even this Blog, now into 2017.

I've over 5,000 rounds of his ammo, and only had 1 bad round, A half plated 9mm+P Bonded Defense round that somehow made it past Speer.No one at DT could be at fault for this
"almost" perfect Gold Dot.

These rounds ranged from .380 to .45 ACP and 10mm...along with .44 Special as well.

Given my exception of 1 round, I'd say 100% quality control and always superb accuracy!

Well, they are now celebrating, and it's meaning big savings for all of us.

Don't forget to take advantage of 30% off and FREE SHIPPING on all orders!!!

Doubletap is celebrating 15 years in business on August 15th, 2017!  In 2002, Mike McNett started Doubletap in his garage with 4 10mm loads!
Now we are the largest producer of 10mm ammo and we have 473 loads in 82 calibers!  We owe all of our success to you!  We are unbelieveably
proud!  To celebrate we are offering the best discount that we have ever offered!  This offer is good for all Doubletap and Colt Ammunition items!!


Just enter:


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Just enter 15YEARS in the coupon code box in your shopping cart and press the "APPLY" button and you will automatically get 30% off of your entire order of $100 or more AND FREE SHIPPING.
This offer is limited to stock on hand and no backorders will be accepted.  This coupon is good on all products untilmidnight August 22th, 2017.
Just don't wait!

Also, we are still offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders!
Have a great day!

Mike McNett
Doubletap Ammunition

Friday, August 11, 2017

Hot and Smoke Filled

Hi guys.

Due to the numerous forest fires in the LC valley and other parts of the North-West.

I've not done any CZ shooting outside of the indoor range (Diamondback Shooters)
over in Lewiston.

The EVO 3 Scorpion and RAMI, and RAMI BD have gobbled up more than a few rounds
in the past few weeks, and I can only envision a P10-C in FDE to someday join them.

Such a P10-C would be an awesome addition, even though some have been reporting minor teething
problems with the guns making thier way into tester hands and more customer holsters.

Issues with the hard to push slide stop, and mag release button are not as important as the people
who buy CRAP steel-cased or other cheapo 9mm and then blame the gun when it chokes!

Howevr, I know that many are not "Gun Savvy" and don't know the pitfalls of Steel-Cased fodder
and CZs, or any other quality pistol or evolver for that matter.

Some buy what's either cheapest or available, or what the local "Expert" tells them to do.

I like the Steel stuff in AKs, and even a Hi-Point or two. Anything that I don't give a hoot about,
or a design like the CZ82 that in my experience actually loves the steel.

Many a cop and soldier used their VZ82/CZ82 in 9mm Makarov with this typpe of ammo...
far before they carried the PCR or P-01 pistols.

$9.99 ammo in a $499.00 P10-C doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but then I've learned a few things
in over 35 plus years of shooting.

Basically, if you don't care how the gun will run, or more importantly don't rely on the cheaper
ammo to protect your hide, then you are fine.

In regard to the (rumored) newer models of the P10 family?

Their has been two camps on this subject.

Some videos and forum posts on various forums mention the expansion of the line.

The P10-F being a enlarged version of the P10-C with Duty Gun type measurements.

This will make those in Law Enforcement (I'm former) that prefer a gun that's bigger in
all areas than the current P10-C.

However, I'd have to switch side in this debate.

I for one, am of the smaller/concealed carry type CZ pistol crowd.

CZUB's P10-C manual also lists another of the P10 series called the CZ P10-S, or supposedly
like the Walther Police Pistol Slim (PPS) the S will mean Slim or Short, no real idea.

A 19.0 weight with a shorter 3.5 inch barrel and the same P10 magazine, but with only a 12-round

Given the weight, I could see me carrying the P10-S with 9 or ten rounds of 9mm+P on board..
as my bad back (over 20 years of carying large and heavy handguns on a duty belt) can't tolerate
much more.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Some More Scorpion Shooting, and a couple Parts from CZ-USA.

This baby shot great!

One hiccup with Blazer aluminum ammo, but I've had CZs (and other guns) in the past that didn't like it.

Accuracy was very good@15-20 yards, despite being shot in "Pistol" mode.

Unlike me these days, the Scorp in FDE is svelte and light for a gun that can hold up to 30 rounds of 9mm Luger.

My new RAMI BD also got a short workout. The trigger is getting better each time I shoot it!

Jason@CZ-USA , was kind enought to send me a couple EVO 3 accessories.

Their 30-round magazine was a welcome addition, as was their
CZ EVo 3 Scorpion Ambi Safety Delete.

My intial range time with the new FDE beauty left me wanting one of these...
as the right hand safety pounded my rather fragile European derived pansy hand.

A person could wear shooting gloves, but I'm told that they don't really help much.

One option is to grind down the right hand safety as shown on You Tube and other places.

The most common,  being to buy a Safety Delete from CZ-USA .. or other vendors with
Evo 3 parts for sale,

Well, the new EVO mag and safety delete looked good the their packages.

The small part shown was the most desired item, and I soon set forth to install such.

After watching a video, the install was a piece of cake.

I plan on shooting both the EVO 3 Scorpion and the BD much more this year...
as I save towards a CZ P10 C to test out when the cold weather starts up again.

Don't know if it will basic black or FDE.

Those interested find Evo 3 Scorpion and other CZ/DW parts at the CZ-USA webstore:

Rainy Days.

Well, the new CZ-USA /Dan Wesson catlaogs for 2018 have been out for a while. I've seen them at various food stores and I think even ...