Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Not much news in CZ land right now.

People are still buying guns.. and CZ-USA seems quite busy.

The new DAN WESSON T-shirts look and fit quite nice, without
much shrinkage.

I'm eager to see what 2010 will bring us for the CZ and DW line
of fine firearms and accessories.

Dan Wesson's CCO looks to be a real winner and those that can afford them and
find one are very happy.

I actually prefer 10MM, but my wife Nancy doesn't care to shoot anything more
powerful than a .45 ACP.

However, a CCO in the current aluminum frame and the 10MM cartridge would
be a real handful for myself and others out there.

I've made a comment about DW bringing back the steel framed CCO of old.
Should they offer it in 10MM and .45 ACP, I think it would appeal to many.

Those lucky souls with the few made years ago- are surely not giving them up!

There will be no supply of CZ POSTERS at CZ-USA, unless you wish to buy the
ZKM .22 Rifle poster.

My supply is very limited as well.

Sadly, more CZ-USA patches either! The CZ-USA hat pins will be phased out in
favor of a newer design. I'm not sure about the current CZ-USA decals.

I will be doing a photo review of the new CZ-USA/DW Backpack in a few days.

This, along with the 3 pack of CZ75 16-shot magazines, could very well be a BEST BUY for your CZ Dollar!

Until next time!


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