Wednesday, June 11, 2014

P-09 DUTY t-shirts, and the CZ97 Pistols.

Our friends at CZ-USA... now have some impressive looking t-shirts and other gear for summer wear.
The new P-09 Duty CZECHNOLOGY tee-shirts should appeal to those of you with the P-09 or want to buy one:
Your basic black look nice, but they also come in a variety of colors such as green and a new color called ice grey that appeals to me:
They are also available in traditional white:
Both myself and Nancy J. like the green P-07 Duty SKULL t-shirt.
She has one in XL, but they are still out of the 3XX sizing for me.
Newer CZ-USA t-shirts in Khaki are also nice looking.
Same for the Khaki colored Boonie Hats that are worn by Jason and others while on Safari.
Even though it's summer in N. America right now, the CZ-USA (and CZUB) polo shirts are always in fashion. You can also buy a a few models of CZ-USA shooting caps:
The NEBO flashlight is also cool looking, as is the NEBO tactical light:
My new P-07 Duty is running well,
but I (admittedly) have the .45 bug these days. My brother is shooting a .45 and I think that a CZ97B or CZ97BD will let me out-shoot him at the range.
I miss my old customized 97B as it still remains the most accurate pistol I've ever owned or shot, even 1911s like my now departed Dan Wesson .45 ACP.
The DW was accurate, but I had to work at the trigger to get it to run close to the big CZ, Hakan Pek grips or not. Now that CZ offers the 97Bs and BD with their aluminum grips that give and even slimmer hold.
That's what I want in the large CZ frame that seems to be perfect for my slightly large hands.
It's true that most any CZ will make you a better shooter, but the 97s are really easy to shoot.
Due to the large frame and slide, combined with superb get very low recoil and amazing to phenomenal accuracy!
Unlike my old CZ-USA customized CZ75 Stainless, the 97B would feed Blazer and any and all .45 ACP loads.
So far, I'm now saving for a CZ97BD at the end of fall. I hope to e shooting those 230 grain pumpkins in the crisp November air, or even sooner! KEV

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