Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Rainy Days.

Well, the new CZ-USA /Dan Wesson catlaogs for 2018 have been out for a while.

I've seen them at various food stores and I think even Wal-Mart.

Very impressive looking.

Two pistols that I'd like to have this year are their new VIGIL series Commander.

Available in both .45 and 9mm Luger.

I'd pick the 9mm as it is cheaper for me to shoot and easier on my hands as well.

A person could always buy the full-sized or suppressor ready VIGIL in .45 ACP...if
that suited them.

Another would be the basic black CZ P10-C.  I've tlaked about getting a P10-C
for a test pistol since this time last year, but have yet to do so.

Most testers seem to have the FDE version.

Another would be their P10-C in Urban Gray.

However, I really have no need for a suppressed pistol, or the added expense of buying a supressor.

Once would go on my Scorpion, if I decided to go that route.

With no actual Sub-Compact 9mms for 2018 excep the RAMI?RAM BD series.

I'm kind of interested in the new Walter PPQ SC LE.

Phosporous sights and 3 magazines. The SC LE would be lighter than my RAMI,
but a striker-fired trigger like the P10-C, or even P10-S that we have yet to see
materialize this year.

Even though.. I'd rather carry a CZ product. Walthers are top-quality firearms.

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