Monday, March 24, 2014

Some initial shooting for the NIB P-07 Duty.
Some fun in the sun with 40 rounds of Czech made S&B hardball.
It came through with flying colors. I'll be putting some more ammo through it as the weather warms up. Other than a set of Nites, I really wouldn't change a thing about this gun or the excellent SHTF IWB holster/
More to come. KEV

Monday, March 17, 2014

The CZ75 P-07 Duty service pistol was introduced in 2009.
Prior to that, CZUB (Uhersky Brod, CZech Republic) had a model called the CZ100. It was like a Glock in that it had a polymer frame and was very reliable, but had (DAO) Double Action Only trigger that only a red-headed step-child would love.
Mine, was quickly sold to buy yet another Glock or Ruger, as us CZ fans and owners hoped to.. someday see the improved version: The CZ 110.. reach our shores here in the USA. That never did happen, but I'm sure that the CZ 100 and CZ 110 would sell well in this sea of DAO pistols that exist on today's market.
Skipping ahead 13 years or so: For those of you who don't know about the P-07 Duty or the newer (for 2014 ) P-07 (no more Duty designation) I'll provide a link at the close of this review. In thinking that a quality firearm such as the P-07 Duty (and most CZs, Glocks, ect) does indeed need a quality holster. I turned to my friend Clay Moultrie, of SHTF GEAR ( located in Utah ) for one of his excell- ent ACE-1 (Always Combat Effective) hybrid IWB (Inside The Waistband ) holsters. (You can find SHTF GEAR holsters on his website and also on Amazon.) This is my second P-07 Duty, as the first one had some teething problems and went back after intitial testing. I'm glad to say that that this new one is the improved "B" series and has zero frame bulge.
Arriving in a brown cardboard box ( the last two boxes were white) with the very distinctive SHTF fan logo stamped onto it. The holster came only 4 days after I contacted them. Image and video hosting by TinyPic The holster body is made of black leather and all of their holsters are 100% American made.  photo 5370f0cd-14f1-4ad8-a22b-420171541336_zpsdc1632da.png Then you have the kydex holster shell and the kevlar stitching. My P-07 Duty (they offer holsters for other CZ models like the P-01 and newer P-09 as well) holster came with the black metal clips (installed) as shown here.  photo s-5_zpse53244f0.png Various instructions and two set of nylon loops, one black and one in brown, along with a very detailed invoice that dictated the Ace-1 , and the "LOK LOOPS" as requested.
Some people like the clips just fine, but as with my other 2 SHTF products- I prefer the softer loops.  photo 093584e6-3e77-4986-9ebf-458588ef955b_zpsd7d826a2.png These are made of a synthectic mesh material and seem to be very durable in the half or so year that i've used them on my LCR and LCP w/CT ACE-1 holsters.
I did request the black and brown loops, so they will be in use for summertime carry when I will switch from black to tan or brown gear. One nice feature that I can only assume that comes with all SHTF Gear holsters that include their new loops, is the two extra screws that are longer than those used for the clips .  photo 21e90b9b-c389-4905-a21e-fdc90d1105a5_zpsbfa3ba0e.png These holsters do have a generous back side as well. Good for distributing the gun's weight and is very comfortable to wear as it breaks in easily.  photo a007e9a9-8b90-4ea6-82d4-05c36b1e718e_zpsbb92731c.png You can see that it has 3 positions for the clips or loops, along with your preference of rake.
I could extoll the virtues of SHTF GEAR and their wide array of holsters and superb customer service, but the bottom line is that the holsters are both very comfortable to wear and also secure. The IWB position keeps your gun firmly in place.. but not too tight as to hamper your draw. There is enough tension on the gun and holster combo to allow for secure carry.  photo f067c291-e51d-4927-9492-4e9e8dcf248a_zps33e32cc1.png No retention straps or levers to get in the way if you need your P-07 or other pistol/revolver in a hurry!
Also, I've never had an ACE-1 holster harm my gun's finish like some other plastic or kydex holsters have in the past.  photo view_zpsfc08c201.png My own preference for the loops and also adjusting the height of the loops offers me forward rake (or cant) of my P-07 Duty that allows a full grip. Image and video hosting by TinyPic A few trips to Wal-mart and Costco, among other places around town, and I really have to assure myself that I'm carrying/concealing a service sized 9mm pistol. Image and video hosting by TinyPic My LCP with Crimson Trace laserguard slides into the SHTF Holster, and I really have no indication that I'm carrying a gun, other than the slight bulge in my waistband. Image and video hosting by TinyPic A light shirt or windbreaker does the trick to conceal it. That's something I can't pull off with a larger pistol like my RAMI, and or revolver unless my LCR in an ACE-1. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Do other hybrid IWBs cost less than the SHTF ACE-1 holsters? Sure they do.
I've owned a few in the last year or so that were cheaper, but didn't measure up.
With the abundance of kydex holster and other holster makers and companies one the net these days, you really have to be a smart shopper. Even visiting the SHTF GEAR website might be a good way to gain more information and help you make your decision when you are ready for a tough- as- nails hybrid IWB.  photo d5a7ab12-b9e6-407d-a53e-265b54fcd7f5_zpse3ce8022.png My hope is that Clay and his crew expand the CZ line to include the RAMI, and also the CZ97B and 97BD. With the advent of offering holsters for the new Glock 42, they pretty much have Glocks covered. I know that when the Glock 42 .380 models come into my Dealer, I'll be looking at buying an ACE-1 for my wife, and one for my Gen 4 Glock 26 when I finally buy another Baby Glock. You can find SHTF GEAR in the Links:

Monday, March 10, 2014

The "Gray Ghost" has arrived. A great 51rst birthday present for me!
A locally purchased ( Lewiston, Idaho) B series P-07 Duty ( no Duty designation for the 2014 P-07s ) with a somewhat light gray slide. Very handsome but also all business.. if you know what I mean? It could use some Nights and a bit of trigger work, or just a #13 mainspring, but the trigger is acceptable in both DA and SA right now, with little grit.
Stay tuned for more pics and my SHTF P07 Duty holster review in a couple weeks.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Greetings! From me in Clarkston, Washington and CZF (in Florida) that's in service to the world wide CZ community.
We are getting more members each day, and that translates to more customers for both CZ-USA and also for CZUB in the Czech Republic.
Some dealers are showing the new 2014 P-07 for sale, as many people head for the IWA Outdoor & Classics show that's being held in Nurmeburg, Germany.
There will probably be some great new gun unveiled by each company there, with CZUB included. My wife could not get any time off, but it would be fun to go over to the Old Country and attend their version of our Shot Show, in the future. The new CZ 455 Long and CZ 455 Match rifles sound very interesting, even though getting any .22 ammo is very hard to do in my area these days. The factory will also be showing the P-07 and P-09 pistols as well.
Along with a mentioned 557 Carbine, that features open sights and an American style stock. This should fit in well with the CZ 557 bolt action rifle.
I'm expecting to pick up my customized 2014 CZ P-07 (as purchased from CZ-USA)any day now, and hope to be reporting on it here in this Blog, and on CZ friendly forums. I was able to handle a new P-09 at our local indoor range over in Lewiston, Idaho.
Very impressive in both DA and SA, and pointed/handled very well indeed! One can see why people like them so much, but the P-09 is a bit larger for carry than say a P-07 or even a P-01. The CZUB gloves as made by Mechanix, are now available at the CZUB and also CZ-USA web stores.

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