Monday, March 3, 2014

Greetings! From me in Clarkston, Washington and CZF (in Florida) that's in service to the world wide CZ community.
We are getting more members each day, and that translates to more customers for both CZ-USA and also for CZUB in the Czech Republic.
Some dealers are showing the new 2014 P-07 for sale, as many people head for the IWA Outdoor & Classics show that's being held in Nurmeburg, Germany.
There will probably be some great new gun unveiled by each company there, with CZUB included. My wife could not get any time off, but it would be fun to go over to the Old Country and attend their version of our Shot Show, in the future. The new CZ 455 Long and CZ 455 Match rifles sound very interesting, even though getting any .22 ammo is very hard to do in my area these days. The factory will also be showing the P-07 and P-09 pistols as well.
Along with a mentioned 557 Carbine, that features open sights and an American style stock. This should fit in well with the CZ 557 bolt action rifle.
I'm expecting to pick up my customized 2014 CZ P-07 (as purchased from CZ-USA)any day now, and hope to be reporting on it here in this Blog, and on CZ friendly forums. I was able to handle a new P-09 at our local indoor range over in Lewiston, Idaho.
Very impressive in both DA and SA, and pointed/handled very well indeed! One can see why people like them so much, but the P-09 is a bit larger for carry than say a P-07 or even a P-01. The CZUB gloves as made by Mechanix, are now available at the CZUB and also CZ-USA web stores.

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  1. Where did you find the gloves?! I'd live to get a pair.


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