Saturday, September 28, 2013

Back in the fold.

Word is that the new CZ-USA catalogs will be out before 2014 hits us. I'm sitting back and waiting to see what new goodies are in it for the new year. The 75 COMPACT L Models are showing up on Gun Broker now, and they should appeal to those CZ fans seeking a Compact 9mm with manual safety and work/features by the CZ CUSTOM SHOP. Even in this Buy American are still supporting American employees at CZ-USA.. and CZ CUSTOM, and especially Dan Wesson. The CZ P-09 in both 9mm and .40 flavors has been on the streets for a few months. Shooting Times, (Nov 2013) has the .40 on their cover this month! A well known CZ Guru from the other official CZ forum has been able to post some observations on the new P-09 (9mm) as well. I urge all who read this blog to join CZF, or one of the two CZ firearms related forums officially endorsed (but not owned) by CZUB and CZ-USA. Ammo News: My good friend Mike, over at Double Tap ammo has a updated website with a fresh new look. You can slect you particular niche: defense, hunting, ect. Then quickly get into caliber and load choice. or look in the links. Holster News: Likewise, HIGH NOON HOLSTERS has a nice new model for IWB fans called the Double Jeopardy. An opposing loop IWB holster that not cheap by any means, but departs from the usual IWBs from the high quality leather and horsehide holster crafters in Florida. ( HNQUAL photo HNQUAL-1.jpg Hunting Season with a CZ? Good buddy "H" in South Africa, has reported that his new CZ 550 in .308 is a good game taker. I only wish that I could have been with him hunting on his farm in the Eastern Cape. As for rifles for us Americans. They no longer offer the light and handy little CZ 527 Carbine in 7.62 x 39 caliber. The larger CZ 557 looks very nice though and in in .308 or .270 would be awesome to own. Even though the 557 uses a push feed system, it's reportedly just as reliable and deadly accurate (maybe more so) than the established CZ 550, especially in the hands of VP Jason Morton of CZ-USA.  photo 557_zpsf98fc446.png I really like the European flair that the 557 has, even if it's not as good looking as my old 550 FS!  photo 550-1.jpg

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