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Back in the fold.

Word is that the new CZ-USA catalogs will be out before 2014 hits us. I'm sitting back and waiting to see what new goodies are in it for the new year. The 75 COMPACT L Models are showing up on Gun Broker now, and they should appeal to those CZ fans seeking a Compact 9mm with manual safety and work/features by the CZ CUSTOM SHOP. Even in this Buy American are still supporting American employees at CZ-USA.. and CZ CUSTOM, and especially Dan Wesson. The CZ P-09 in both 9mm and .40 flavors has been on the streets for a few months. Shooting Times, (Nov 2013) has the .40 on their cover this month! A well known CZ Guru from the other official CZ forum has been able to post some observations on the new P-09 (9mm) as well. I urge all who read this blog to join CZF, or one of the two CZ firearms related forums officially endorsed (but not owned) by CZUB and CZ-USA. Ammo News: My good friend Mike, over at Double Tap ammo has a updated website with a fresh…