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New Look for the P-07 Duty!

Our friends at CZUB want every CZ fan and owner to stop by the official CZUB FACEBOOK page. "Like" them if you LOVE CZs! As usual, look to the right of this column for the Links. It seems like everyone who is cool and into CZs is carrying a P-07 Duty and lusting for a P-09 Duty these days. There are some new changes to the P-07 Duty as we know it. Looks like a P-09 Duty hammer and trigger, as well as a longer unthreaded barrel ala Beretta 92 style. The pics are from CZ CUSTOM, so I really should give them a LINK (Look Right). Great guys down there in Arizona! You can order one from Angus and crew, or look for CZ-USA to be sending them out to dealers. I'm still not sure if I like the extended barrel or not, as the basic P-07 front end already looks uber cool. A P-07 is fairly heavy for me to carry and conceal without the extra inch or so. Still, the advent of them upgrading the very hot selling P-07 Duty has some people calling it a smaller P-09 Duty. The…