Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I was able to get to our wonderful indoor range in Lewiston, Idaho today.

My CZ 455 LUX with the .22 barrel and Nikko scope:

 shot very well with all of the .22 LR
ammo that I had on hand, except with one of the CCI low velocity loads that hung up.

'Could have been me short-stroking the bolt, but I'd say the gun and the 25 round
magazine did fine.

I shot some interesting groups @25yards, which is the range's limit, but they were all printing low on the

This could have been my scope or me with the trigger, but as you can see there were no flyers
out of the groups but one lone bullet.

I was mostly looking to semi-test the 10-round and 25-round .22 LR magazines from CZ-USA,
so accuracy was not my goal.

With about 75 rounds of assorted .22 Long Rifle downrange..I decided it was time for a fresh target and pistol time.

My RAMI ran perfectly fine with 47 of the locally made Blazer Brass in 9mm.

No surprises there as it's a RAMI:)

As I'm hoping to shoot this rifle more in both .22 Magnum and .22 LR.

 Money not with-standing..I'd like to invest in a .17 HMR barrel and see how that does
as there is a good supply of HMR in my area's shop and stores.

I think this year will be the one that I retire my faithful RAMI of nearly 15 years..
in favor of a RAMI BD.

Fresh Nites , a very safe decocker and classic RAMI looks with long -standing
CZ reliability!

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