Friday, March 23, 2018

10mm Spike!

With the recent surge of 10mm pistols and people adopting the cartridge.

DOUBLE TAP AMMO has new loads for those of us veterans, and those
that are new to the mighty TEN,

which to me, always had far more power....

than the hottest .40 S&W or .45 ACP loads.

I'm no longer shooting or reloading practice ammo for 10mm, and my DT ammo pile is
long gone. 9mm, .45 and .45 Colt is what I'm not these days,

Dear kevin rees-CZ GUNSTUFFS,

We finally have 10mm and 40S&W 200gr Controlled Expansion™ JHP lineup in stock!
We redesigned the bullet to maximize not only performance in  10mm, but 40SW too!
Now it is a true hunting and self defense bullet round that will expand every time even in
short bbls while holding its weight and puching deep even in longer bbls!

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Sale!  It is only happening for a few more days!

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Just because the CZ75 inspired (copy) Witness 10mm wasn't a 'real deal" CZ
product, didn't mean that it wouldn't keep up with my CZs.

The 10mm also shot very flat, up to 100 yards if i wanted to stretch it out that far.

Great gun and awesome caliber with less recoil than one can imagine...combined with
Double Tap's legendary  quality control and accuracy.

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Dear kevin rees-CZ GUNSTUFFS, Merry Christmas!  We at Doubletap wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Use this coupon code and ...