Monday, March 27, 2017

CZ 2075 RAMI "D" Decocker Comes Home:)

Thanks to the good folks@CZ-USA.
I now have a shiny new RAMI BD.

This will eventually replace my aging RAMI for EDC.

More pics and a review to follow, as I hope to shoot it on Friday,


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It looks like the debut of the CZ P10 C 9mm pistol was a big success at the IWA Show in
Europe, where the striker-fired Wondernine was set to unveil to those over there in March.

However, one new product that interests me is the new for 2017, CZ 455 in stainless

This is on the CZUB website, and now in the New For/Updated  2017 section on the CZ-USA

I'd like to have one in .22 Long Rifle, as it's cheaper to shoot than .22 Magnum..
and .22 LR seems to be more abundant these days, at least in my area,

The Nikko Sterling TARGETMASTER variable scope line would be ideal for
this 455. At least for ranges that I'd shoot it at.

They are not Leupold or Nightforce quality, but not the price either:)

Perfect for rimfires or other low recoil rifle rounds, at least in my limited

One new rifle I"d like to see in stainless,.is the CZ 512 Carbine.

It looks to be short, light and handy.

Even though I do plan to pick up this model laer this year.

Adding stainless to the mix might make it even better.

As I'm not a fan of suppressors, a least in this stage of my life..
as I have no need for such.

There are still some neat looking "threaded" CZs for 2017 like the P-07, and P-09
among others.

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