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A Dark Horse Cometh!

A sneak peak at the new 'Need For Speed' in black horsehide for my RAMI.
Full report on this HIGH NOON masterpiece- in a week or so.

New CZ Holster Leathermaker.

It seems that BOB has been making CZ holsters for a few months now.
I like what I see of the limited amount of holsters that he has put out for
forum members.

His work deserves a good look by CZ
fans and some space on the CZ -ZONE:)

Email him:

Thoughts for CZs in 2009

With CZ-USA already advertising the P-07 Duty ( Along with the Phantom) in USA gun magazines
such as Shooting Times.

The reality of the P-07 is that:

A: Finally a polymer framed CZ pistol that isn't a DAO abomination.

B: This new pistol features the 'Omega' fire control system, allowing
the user to switch from conventional mode of a safety SA/DA or to the Decocker
in mere minutes.

C: Everyone who has been lucky enough to shoot the "Duty" has come away mightily impressed.

D: Earlier info that the backstrap will interchange ( ala Phantom) appears to be incorrect.

E: This psitol will need neew magazines. By my information, Standard CZ Compact
( P-01, Compact ) mags don't fit.

F: Dave ( Mr. Compact) will probably be shooting one by May!

So, like other CZ products for 2009. The Duty is new and very exciting to most who know about it. However..I'm sure there will be a big debate on how much better the Duty is over the well established P-O1, and even the PCR from the P…


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