Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Location: Clarkston, WA area.
Date: JULY , 10, 2010
Weather: 97 degrees and very windy.

Equipment: CZ-USA Range bag.

CZ75 P-06 .40 caliber compact service pistol.
CZUB factory Tru-dot Nites, CZ-USA tuned action.

Gear: High Noon Holster's rock steady belt in natural horsehide
CZ P-01 Topless holster with single mag pouch in natural horsehide as well.

50: rounds of Federal 180 FMJ.
50: Double Tap Ammo 150 grain Nosler JHP
50: Double Tap Ammo 180 grain Nosler JHP

After almost a year of seeing a P-06 in the flesh at a local
sporting goods store.

I was very impressed by the workmanship and menacing forty caliber hole in the
front of the gun.

Myself, having owned two P-01s and more recently.. the PCR.

I'm no stranger to the wonderful CZ Compact framed guns.

Based on the very police and ccw proven P-01 design.
The P-06 offers those not wanting or trusting a 9mm, the
.40 caliber option.

Like with the P-01 and PCR. The P-06 seems to be pretty much trouble-free for
most shooters. The gun is very sturdy and shockingly accurate for a Forty.
Some owners saying that the P-06s are among the most accurate of all the .40
S&W pistols on the market.

Well, as Summer has finally reached this part of the country.

Both Nancy and I decided to brave almost 100 degree the heat- and take a small trip out into the
wild country.

We were both surprised to see a herd of Mountain Goats along the way!

Range Time:

Being that this was my first time shooting the new P-06.

I knew that with the action job from Matt Hunter at Cz-USA.
I'd have a different experience than with a stock CZ pistol
Like my P-01 that has the #13 mainspring installed, but still has a gritty trigger pull.

My initial cartridges were the 180 gr. Federals, so I could get a good feel of the
gun. This proved to be good warm-up ammo as I was impressed with the 15 yard
accuracy, WHEN I did my part. The gun liked to Snake-Eye on the target,,
that is to put two precise holes next to each other.
As you can see by this pic. The gun was far more accurate than I could shoot it.

The very smooth DA and SA trigger pulls and were really something special.
Smooth feeling DA stroke with a (grit-free) glassy smooth travel in SA that breaks
very clean.

The wind was blowing pretty hard about that time and my groups were slightly to the right.
This proved to be the case when I trotted out the powerful Double Tap 180s.

Blast and recoil were noticed as I shot strings of 5 into the targets.
Frankly, the P-06 bucked a bit in my hands, but recoil was acceptable for me.

Next up- were the blistering 150 grain Double Tap loads.

If a handgun bullet could be propelled by rocket fuel, this might take the cake!
Recoil was reduced over the 180 load, but it still had some bark and bite.
Accuracy improved with this load as well.
Nancy was snapping way with the camera, and got this:

I've always like full house 10mm loads in the 150-165 grain range.
Frankly either of these Double Tap .40 offerings are enough 10mm diameter
power for me.

These loads are both fast:

and offer some real punch if you don't like the standard .40 S&W fodder on the market.
I didn't notice much muzzle flash on my end, but muzzle blast and loudness were evident
with both loads.

I'm sure that they would be much more accurate in the hands of another shooter, or
from the bench. However, any of my shots would have proven very unhealthy for
any armed adversary(s).

(The P-06 serves well in the home defense role, especially with my M-6 light/laser combo.)

I continued to shoot the FMJ and more Double Tap until the Federal stuff was gone.
After the 75th round was fired. I was very convinced that the gun was a keeper.

Lasting Impressions:

Know that I didn't feel and buzz or sting from the trigger like I've encountered with other
light .40s such as the SIGMA and Glock 22 /23s that I've shot in the past.
While the P-06 does have more recoil than my comparable 9mms and RAMI.
I really didn't/don't see it as an issue.

The gun didn't pound my hand or leave me exhausted after the session.

I think that Matt Hunter did a great job on the trigger/action for me and such would be
a worth-while modification on any CZ pistol.

High Noon's Topless model holster was easy to draw from during this testing.

Some Crimson Trace laser grips

and Hogue grips screws will the only changes that I'll make
to the gun, unless I really need that full length stainless guide rod from Steve Bedair.

I'm really impressed and happy with this P-06, and can tell everyone that THIS is the
.40 they have been wanting!

My thanks- to Jason and Matt at CZ-USA, along with the others that made this testing possible.

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