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Location: Clarkston, WA area.
Date: JULY , 10, 2010
Weather: 97 degrees and very windy.

Equipment: CZ-USA Range bag.

CZ75 P-06 .40 caliber compact service pistol.
CZUB factory Tru-dot Nites, CZ-USA tuned action.

Gear: High Noon Holster's rock steady belt in natural horsehide
CZ P-01 Topless holster with single mag pouch in natural horsehide as well.

50: rounds of Federal 180 FMJ.
50: Double Tap Ammo 150 grain Nosler JHP
50: Double Tap Ammo 180 grain Nosler JHP

After almost a year of seeing a P-06 in the flesh at a local
sporting goods store.

I was very impressed by the workmanship and menacing forty caliber hole in the
front of the gun.

Myself, having owned two P-01s and more recently.. the PCR.

I'm no stranger to the wonderful CZ Compact framed guns.

Based on the very police and ccw proven P-01 design.
The P-06 offers those not wanting or trusting a 9mm, the
.40 caliber option.

Like with the P-01 and PCR. The P-06 seems to be pretty much trouble-free for
most shooters. The gun is ve…