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New CCO Pics!

Thanks, to The LoneOak a member of 1911's DW section.

I was able to put up a new DW page with some superb photos
of his new CCO!

My best wishes for him and his fantastic new Dan Wesson pistol.

Also: Look for the Dan Wesson and CZ-USA t-shirts, along with other gear at the CZ-USA Webstore.

Dan Wesson: CCOs Are Now Shipping!

A few people have bought the DW Concealed Officer's Carry .45 ACP.
So far, they are very pleased.

For a gun that lists near $1,500. I surely hope they are.

Unlike my old Combat Commander and departed Dan Wesson CBOB.

The smaller/lighter CCO utilizes an aluminum alloy Officer's
type frame to save on weight.

The CCO's 1.7 pound weight versus the 2.3 pounds of the longer
heavier 2.3 pound CBOB, makes a lot of sense to me.

A solid (adjustable) match trigger that is different than that of the
CBOB's.With the same "duty coat" ceramic finish as found
on the deadly looking Valor.

Novak style low profile tritium nites and special grips, along with
a rounded(not bobbed) butt completes the package.

I think that they made a wise move to use the Commander slide,
instead of a more possibly problematic shorter slide as found
on some of the micro 1911s on the market.
My only change.. would be to add the…

My new P-01 with goodies!

Thanks to the nice people at CZ-USA, I'm a proud P-01 owner again!

The addition of Crimson Trace laser grips and a Insight Proycon (Botach)
really make this gun!

Look for a Review by me next month or so.

Look in the LINKS for my Crimson Trace page.

More PCR Pics!

I thought you guys (and gals)might want to see some more pics of Nancy's new PCR!

A real joy to shoot, even with the grooved trigger.