Friday, May 12, 2017

With April Showers, turning into some May sunshine, it didn't take long for it to cloud up again here in Clarkston.

However, thos of you who have been waiting under a dark cloud of hope for your P10C orders to be fulfilled, there is good news.

Reportedly, 1,000 have shipped.

Don't know if it's from the factory to the states, or from CZ-USA to distributors.

In any event, I still have yet to se one locally, and the prospect of the Semi-Compact for
next year will probably mean July(or later) for a date on that model.

I wish the very best for both CZUB and CZ-USA on the P10 series, but I'll more than
likely be picking up a FDE EVO 3 pistol from them before I buy a FDE P10C.

It seems like everyone and their cousin has black Scorpion, so I'll go for the FDE version.

Add a stabilizer brace and have a nice and light/handy little package for range or home
defense duty.

Kind of like if, not when, I buy a CZ 512 Carbine, that will be very fun to shoot.

 Athough. I'm still having a bunch of fun with my new RAMI BD.

Over 300 rounds, and no cleaning done to it.

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