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Some More Scorpion Shooting, and a couple Parts from CZ-USA.

This baby shot great!

One hiccup with Blazer aluminum ammo, but I've had CZs (and other guns) in the past that didn't like it.

Accuracy was very good@15-20 yards, despite being shot in "Pistol" mode.

Unlike me these days, the Scorp in FDE is svelte and light for a gun that can hold up to 30 rounds of 9mm Luger.

My new RAMI BD also got a short workout. The trigger is getting better each time I shoot it!

Jason@CZ-USA , was kind enought to send me a couple EVO 3 accessories.

Their 30-round magazine was a welcome addition, as was their CZ EVo 3 Scorpion Ambi Safety Delete.
My intial range time with the new FDE beauty left me wanting one of these... as the right hand safety pounded my rather fragile European derived pansy hand.

A person could wear shooting gloves, but I'm told that they don't really help much.
One option is to grind down the right hand safety as shown on You Tube and other places.
The most common,  being to buy a Safety Delete from CZ-USA .. or ot…