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Celebrating the P-06!

The .40 caliber P-01!

Not much news for most of JUNE on my end.

However, JULY is looming ahead, and looking to be quite fun.

My new P-06 as tuned by CZ-US,A arrived a week or so ago.

The action is friction free. Has the usual travel in the trigger, but very smooth, on DA, with a light, crisp let off in both DA and especially SA.

I think the travel will decrease as I shoot the gun more and more.

I'm not really noticing the stacking or camming action as with prior CZs such as my Crimson Trace laser grip equipped P-01 that now resides with my Father.

You can see that there has been some tinkering done when looking at the P-06 from this angle.

CZ-USA Gunsmith Matt Hunter did the action work. The gun came from the factory with
Tru-Dot real deal tritium 3-dot night sights.

I'm keeping the stock CZ rubber grips on it until the Crimson Trace GREEN laser grips are available.

My Insight M-6 light & laser combo (red laser) will be attached while it serves as my house gun. The M-6 was a birthday…