Sunday, June 27, 2010

Celebrating the P-06!

The .40 caliber P-01!

Not much news for most of JUNE on my end.

However, JULY is looming ahead, and looking to be quite fun.

My new P-06 as tuned by CZ-US,A arrived a week or so ago.

The action is friction free. Has the usual travel in the trigger, but very smooth, on DA, with a light, crisp let off in both DA and especially SA.

I think the travel will decrease as I shoot the gun more and more.

I'm not really noticing the stacking or camming action as with prior CZs such as my Crimson Trace laser grip equipped P-01 that now resides with my Father.

You can see that there has been some tinkering done when looking at the P-06 from this angle.

CZ-USA Gunsmith Matt Hunter did the action work. The gun came from the factory with
Tru-Dot real deal tritium 3-dot night sights.

I'm keeping the stock CZ rubber grips on it until the Crimson Trace GREEN laser grips are available.

My Insight M-6 light & laser combo (red laser) will be attached while it serves as my house gun. The M-6 was a birthday present from Nancy. I guess she saved quite
a while to get it for me.

Like with the action job. The M-6 is a worth-while addition to my new baby.

Carry ammunition will be the Nosler 150 or 180 grain JHP as loaded and supplied by
Double Tap Ammo.

I'm not sure which one will be more accurate in this gun.

Like with other ammo from DT. I'm sure that this stuff will prove to be both hot and powerful.

High quality control and accuracy have also been top-notch with Double Tap in the past.

My plan is to do a full review in a week or so.

My THANKS, to Jason Morton and Matt Hunter at CZ-USA. Along with Mike at Double Tap!

PS:Look for a detailed Range Report in a few weeks.


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