Monday, October 31, 2016

A Rainy October.

As we say goodbye to October and head into November 2016.

The Indian might clench the World Series as Boston fell behind sadly
due to their pitching. Still, one heck of a last season for Big Papi:)

I'm not alone when I say that as a CZ fan for over 35 years now, I'm
very excited to see what the good friends@ CZ/DW will offer us for 2017.

 The prospect of a new CZ pistol model or even series... or a new rifle model lies ahead.

They were nice to Dan wesson owners last year for bringing put the 10mm Bruin, and
also returning to the standard Commander type guns (Valkyrie) without the BOB-tail
feature that some dislike on a 1911.

I'm always impressed when I watch "Razor Dobbs Alive" shoot big animals with a Double Tap
10mm bullet from his beloved Dan Wessons. Truly an awesome show on the Outdoor Channel.

I do know that some of you out there do like the Scorpion 9mm pistol and SBR as well.

I've never shot one but they do look fun.

Nor, have I shot the BREN in any caliber, as I'm mostly a handgun or shotgun guy,

A new RAMI to replace my 13 years of trusty EDC duty.. RAMI will be in order for
2017. This will be one of the now nearly impossible to find RAMI BD (decock lever)
with the factory installed tritium Nites.

 The fresh Nites and the very safe decock lever will fuel the fire inside every RAMI lover or even

 I like Double Tap Ammo for its enhanced velocity and superb accuracy and quality control.

I've shot it mostly through my RAMI and other CZs without failure.

Probably 8,000 rounds in 6 years and have had One, not one hundred or even 10 bad rounds.
This was a 124 grain Bonded Defense (GOLD DOT) with a partial jacket peel.

Seeing that this was the only cartridge out of thousands fired over the years of 9mm,38/357/
.40.357 SIG/10mm, .380 ect. I keep it on my desk!

Given that CZs (Or copies) are top tier fighting arms and DT ammo is also superb, they go nicely together.

There might be newer rounds (HST, Guard Dog, PDX) on the market, but Gold Dots and the Barnes
TAC-XP designs have been dropping bad guys and all sorts of game for decades.

Well, I hope to one of the fisrt people to get the 2017 Buyer's Guide/Catalog from CZ-USA
next month or maybe early December.

There should be plenty of surprises in those pages, and I will sure to be including the new
products as shown in this Blog, even if I don't get any hands-on experience with them.

Stay Safe.


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