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A Rainy October.

As we say goodbye to October and head into November 2016.

The Indian might clench the World Series as Boston fell behind sadly
due to their pitching. Still, one heck of a last season for Big Papi:)

I'm not alone when I say that as a CZ fan for over 35 years now, I'm
very excited to see what the good friends@ CZ/DW will offer us for 2017.

 The prospect of a new CZ pistol model or even series... or a new rifle model lies ahead.

They were nice to Dan wesson owners last year for bringing put the 10mm Bruin, and
also returning to the standard Commander type guns (Valkyrie) without the BOB-tail
feature that some dislike on a 1911.

I'm always impressed when I watch "Razor Dobbs Alive" shoot big animals with a Double Tap
10mm bullet from his beloved Dan Wessons. Truly an awesome show on the Outdoor Channel.

I do know that some of you out there do like the Scorpion 9mm pistol and SBR as well.

I've never shot one but they do look fun.

Nor, have I shot the BREN in any c…