Thursday, May 12, 2016

Summer is here! can I say this?

Due to myself injuring both my back and right arm, I'm still healing up, but there has
been no Range action for the last 3 weeks.

No RAMI or other shooting as the weather has been beautiful for the most part.

Some interesting items at the CZ-USA Webstore.

I like their BACKPACK:

And also the new 511 KNIFE:
Should I get one, I'd take some good pics and set aside my well worn CZ-USA /BENCHMADE

For the CZ SCORPION fan and owner... there are some neat t-shirts.
Also some P-09 shirts:

I'm more of a P-01 or RAMI fan, though.

I still see that they offer the CZ-USA t-shirts in khaki:

A new shirt for 2106 doesn't forget our lady CZ fans:

A person can also find CZ-USA caps..  and other items to show CZ prideI.

I do like the darker colors for winter and lighter for the warmer months.
However.. the new Brown and Kryptek Camo caps look nice as well.
So, go out and buy that new or used CZ and get shooting!

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