Monday, April 25, 2016

April Rains.

Not much new for me in the way of any CZs, as I save towards a RAMI BD in the next month
or so.

Each Spring..I tell myself that this will be the year that I replace my RAMI (safety version)
with a RAMI BD.

As I did spend some time with a modified RAMI P for a Summer, but didn't much care
for the CZ85 Combat trigger that was the rage to have in a RAMI back then.

My first and now only RAMI, came home with me in April of 2004.

I was a new resident of Washington state, and still a Mariners fan.

We brought home this little guy the week after my RAMI was picked up.

Sadly, we lost little Boonie when he was only 6,  but my RAMI is still perking along.

A new RAMI BD as touched up by CZ-USA should fit in well with my old War Horse,
even if my RAMI has never really seen war, it has seen my through a few states, and some
situations that could have turned ugly in a few seconds.

The "Chunky Monkey" wasn't some "Chunky" right then, and I was lucky to have it on my side or
under my jacket.

These days when people are adding gizmos to keep their Glocks from going off when
they re-holster into kydex or other holsters..

The traditional CZ75 DA/SA action lets you re-holster with confidence in either DA or SA
 (cocked an locked) modes.

Now that SHTF GEAR has been renamed to Black Arch Holsters, the only problem that I can see
with my current RAMI, or a new RAMI BD, is the fact that while I love my ACE-1 hybrid kydex

Their newest model, the PROTOS, isn't yet available for the RAMI, or in their case the RAMI
BD. My ACE-1 is really molded for a RAMI BD, but don't tell my RAMI that:)

Do look for the new Black Arch Holsters link in the Links section.

I'll have to ad that I'm excited to see that the ROG (RAMI OWNER"S GROUP ) as found on
Facebook, is doing quite well, as is the CZ EDC Group as well. Look for those Links below.

I think it will be a fun and also interesting RAMI Season for 2016, and also fun for fans
and owners for other CZ models as well.




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