Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Not much news for me on the CZ front.

I'm eager to see what will be in the 2016 CZ/DW catalog.

Perhaps, we will see the CZ 455 Jaguar in the new lineup?

I still want to buy a CZ 452 FS (Full-Stock) if I can afford such  in
the New Year.

A 455 JAG would be a nice addition to my lovely CZ 455 LUX in .22/.22 Magnum

A RAMI BD might be nice as well.

26 ounces of classic CZ relialibity with
a very safe decock lever, and factory

Even though the P-07 and P-09 are great guns for most, they are still a bit heavy for
me to carry.

Same for a PCR and a P-01 for the most part.

Rainy Days.

Well, the new CZ-USA /Dan Wesson catlaogs for 2018 have been out for a while. I've seen them at various food stores and I think even ...