Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Not much news for me on the CZ front.

I'm eager to see what will be in the 2016 CZ/DW catalog.

Perhaps, we will see the CZ 455 Jaguar in the new lineup?

I still want to buy a CZ 452 FS (Full-Stock) if I can afford such  in
the New Year.

A 455 JAG would be a nice addition to my lovely CZ 455 LUX in .22/.22 Magnum

A RAMI BD might be nice as well.

26 ounces of classic CZ relialibity with
a very safe decock lever, and factory

Even though the P-07 and P-09 are great guns for most, they are still a bit heavy for
me to carry.

Same for a PCR and a P-01 for the most part.

However..the P-09 shirts are really nice, so check them out at the CZ-USA webstore when you can.

With the introduction of a synthetic stocked CZ 527 for 2016.

All-weather carry will be easier for most, and easier to clean up after a hard day of hunting in
the rain or snow.

As a person who has been out in both with a 527 Carbine, this is good news!

The 527 Carbine is also a good choice for sunny weather as well.

Not that I wouldn't pass up a 557 Carbine... or even one of the new models of the 557 slated for the
New Year.

No snow here in our area of wahsington state yet, or at least Clarkston, but it is rainy out
with fog enveloping the mountains.

CZ-USA's new waxed cap is both comfortable to wear keeps the rain off my head a bit.
I've not fully tested it.

Pretty nice looking, too!

Happy Holidays!


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