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This review was posted on various forums a while back. I thought it might look good here. KEV --------------------------------------------------------------------------- With warm days and cooler nights in most parts of the USA. It's no secret that I start to gear up now for winter, and that usually means retiring my summer carry gear, and wanting a black holster and belt from High Noon Holsters. I've used the excellent Need For Speed OWB (black horsehide)RAMI holster in the past.. but have come to prefer HN's IWB holsters in the last couple of years. Their SLIDE GUARD is another horsehide OWB holster that's seen some use with my RAMIs, but in tan. IWB works well for me as I'm not catching my holster on chairs, nor am I banging up my custom Hakans or other grips on door-jams. HIGH NOON offers what I think-are some superbly crafted and comfortable holsters in both OWB, IWB, and even paddle designs. My last review was of the HN UNDER TAKER IWB in …