Wednesday, June 21, 2017

FDE EVO 3 Scorpion

By good fortune, and a good friend in Utah.

I was lucky enough to pick this up yesterday:

My plan is to shoot it on Friday, and add a KAK brace later down the road.

Thanks, to Eric and also to Jason@CZ-USA for this great 9mm.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Hi again.

Warmer weather here and some good luck on my end.

I was finally able to handle a P10C the other day...along side an also new
Shadow 2.

All I can say is that after I was able to handle the FDE P10C and test out its trigger..
then handle the equally sweet Shadow 2, is Wow!

Firstly, I've been wanting to get my hands on a P10C since Thanksgiving.

Every article or pic I've seen of them has been both very positive or enticing.

The good folks@CZUB have been cranking them out..and despite the delays in them
getting over here to CZ-USA for distribution..they are now showing up.

Egonomics: That's a big word on how something feels in your hand, at least when we are talking handguns.

The P10C felt great in my hands.  It pointed very very, well..and despite seeming light for a 
duty type or concealment  had a good balance (unloaded) and a solid feel to it.

I did notice that CZ's FDE color seemed even lighter than in most pics I've seen.

Trigger: Something that reviwers have raved about wioth this CZ model and the one that I handled was no exception.

Unlike with my RAMI BD that I struggle with for the first shot in Double Action mode.

I had no problem pulling the P10C 's trigger in dry-fire.

Light and crisp, or crisp and light, it was by any words: Awesome!

The grips does look longish in pics, but the gun felt good in my hand...
pointed well and the grip didn't really seem all that long.

Sights: These were the glow sights that CZ has on some pistols, and not real-deal
tritium Nites that most people want.

As for me carrying a P10C, I'm sure that a 15-round magazine would bump up the ounces, and like with my bad back and a RAMI or PCR, the P10 would be a stretch for me to conceal on most days.

With re-injury to my back last month..I'm afflicted by chronic pain, and even my RAMI, or RAMI BD are too much for me to carry in the past few weeks.

However, for those of you out there, the 26 ounce P10C should pose no problem(s)
and will probably make for a dandy carry or home defense gun.

Home defense and the indoor range would be the roles that my eventual purchase
would be for.

My choice will be the black P10C in 9mm.

In regard to the Shadow 2.

It was an all black beauty with some racy lines and a sweet as pie trigger.

I did have some trouble with the DA pull, but found it smooth and delightful in single action.

The  front sight seemed to loom ahead of the gun and make your eyes concentrate soley there.

I believe that the front heavy..or muzzle heavy feel is what they were going for as it should
keep 9mm recoil wayy down.

Should  a person want to compete with the big boys, the $1,100 Shadow 2 should 
give him/her a fighting chance,.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Some P-10 C Pics

I've yet to see a P10c in the wild here in Washington state, but know that people
are buying them now.

Here are a couple pics:

I hope to get the FDE version with Nites in September.

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