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Scoping Your CZ or other Rimfire.

What seemed like both a long winter, but also a short one for us here in Eastern Washington
and Central Idaho.

Not a very cold winter to say the least and the Gonzaga Bulldogs went farther into the
Sweet 16 than any other Spokane based team in quite a while.

This means that my cabin fever wasn't burning a hole in my soul for Spring to arrive, but I still wanted to get out and stretch my legs (so to speak) with some informal shooting.

The real problem?

My CZ 455 LUX in .22 Magnum with the spare .22 LR barrel is very, very nice, but the
.22 barrel has no sights.

Some sort of quality scope will be needed in or for me to use the .22 barrel when I decide
to switch barrels.

As a kid growing up in Eastern Oregon.

My exposures to hunting rifle and .22 rifle scopes was limited.

Guys had Weavers or Tascos, with Redfields as well..

If you had the money...
a Leupold with that gold ring sat upon your rifle.

Both men and women bragged about their World Class scopes and if there were
Swarovski o…