Sunday, April 26, 2015

Scoping Your CZ or other Rimfire.

What seemed like both a long winter, but also a short one for us here in Eastern Washington
and Central Idaho.

Not a very cold winter to say the least and the Gonzaga Bulldogs went farther into the
Sweet 16 than any other Spokane based team in quite a while.

This means that my cabin fever wasn't burning a hole in my soul for Spring to arrive, but I still wanted to get out and stretch my legs (so to speak) with some informal shooting.

The real problem?

My CZ 455 LUX in .22 Magnum with the spare .22 LR barrel is very, very nice, but the
.22 barrel has no sights.

Some sort of quality scope will be needed in or for me to use the .22 barrel when I decide
to switch barrels.

As a kid growing up in Eastern Oregon.

My exposures to hunting rifle and .22 rifle scopes was limited.

Guys had Weavers or Tascos, with Redfields as well..

If you had the money...
a Leupold with that gold ring sat upon your rifle.

Both men and women bragged about their World Class scopes and if there were
Swarovski or Zeiss scopes, nobody I knew ever talked about them.

Later on in my early 20s.

One brand of scope(s) that I did encounter after establishing pen pals in the Republic
of South Africa, was called NIKKO STIRLING.

SA was in turmoil back then, but those Hunters that I knew through letters were
using these scopes as Leupold and others were cruelly expensive back then or
some brands fell under the trade embargo(s )of that era.

Another thing of interest was that they choose CZ or BRNO made rifles from
.22 to 375 H&H for most of their shooting.

They also used Suppressed /Silencer equipped rifles long before the recent craze
swept the states.

Still, those that I knew there used the Nikko Stirling scopes and other gear as
advertised in their gun magazine: SA Man Magnum, that is still in business
there. Here is my FEB 2015 issue:
In retrospect, other than South Africa, or maybe New Zealand.

A person was
out of luck for that brand of optics.

I really didn't know that they were Made in Japan, or that I could probably have one
sent to from the RSA, but would it get lost on the long boat trip or be damaged
as well?

When the internet came into being, I thought that I might get to finally purchase a
Nikko scope.

Well the years flew by and in 1996 the political climate changed and  RSA was reborn.

However..I still lusted after a Nikko Sterling scope.

After the year 2000 I was using medium priced Burris scopes and those from Simmons..
until I moved to Washington state from Idaho.

My CZs and other Hunting rifles were sold off one by one and so were my scopes.

Well, come to present day..

Nikkos are available (or have been for a while) now from Legacy Sports as their importer.

I like the looks of the Nikko Stirling TARGET MASTER line.

I'm not into Bench Rest or any type of competition shooting.

No need for even 100 yard shots with my CZ 455 LUX.

The Nikko 4x14 with the 1 inch tube and 44mm objective..seems like it would be ideal for my paper and soda can punching
@50 yards or less.

MIDWAY has this scope for a cool $199  and you also get Free Shipping.

However, the

Nikko Stirling Mountmaster AO 4-12x50 

is half the price (Amazon) and is a dedicated Rimfire/Airsoft Nikko scope.

That 50mm objective would let in a lot of light.

After I pay off my recent vet bill, I hope to buy the Target Master  or the MountMaster and some medium or even high
CZ rings as well.

Safe Shooting:)


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