Wednesday, February 15, 2017

More CZ Pistol Musings.


With all of the P10 C and other CZ pistol threads on forums from guys
(and gals) who really want to try a P10 C out.

I'm with them in wanting one to play with.. but know that the FDE version
(With factory Nites) are still a few months away from reaching us normal folks
that are not in the LE loop these days.

As I've stated before..this would be my very first FDE (Flat Dark Earth) framed
pistol, but my second CZUB Striker-fired pistol.

In looking at the various videos and writeen reviews...the P10 C's grip is longer than
a RAMI's or that of a PCR/P-01, yet right there with a P-07 or P07 Duty.

For not wanting to sound like a broken record everytime I post. I'll have to say that
ig a person can carry a LW Commamder or even full-sized 1911, a P10 C might even
be lighter.

Such would have to suffice for me until we see the Semi-Compact next year or so.
Although..a shorter grip would aid in concealment for to only some degree.

With all the internet hype over this new pistol, I doubt if it would garner as much
attention if it was a DA/SA gun like the P-07 or P-09, and that's the beauty of it.

Striker-fired, but in a modern era where one doesn't have to suffer a DAO striker
to get good hits.

I look at it as a progressive CZ. Something that if they were to offer it in an even
smaller package like the RAMI, could compete with the Shield, PPS, and G43.

With the futher delay in production or should I say shipment from CZUB.

Others are exploring other pistol options, but still (as am I ) hopeful to get their
eventual P10 C.

Stay faithful!


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