Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The 2014 P-07 in South Africa. Some more shooting with my P-07 Duty.

It seems that these guys are liking the 2014 P-07 as well: (linked in the LINK section)============+++++++++++ According to my information.. all of the P-07 Duty pistols imported to RSA were safety only. They say 2014 P07 ( no more DUTY in the title) has both the safety and decocker in the box.
No idea if they come with the decocker installed or not.
My friends there seem to be thrilled with a locally made hybrid IWB like the Crossbreed or SHTF GEAR holsters. =============================================================================================
I shot about 70 rounds of Remington 115 grain range ammo today. My fairly new P-07 Duty with CZ-USA installed night sights shot like a laser on the targets @15 yards.
I'm sure it would have grouped well at@25 yards, but I remain impressed so far. I can detect a definite reset click on the trigger, but once you get used to it you can make very precise shots.
This gun runs far, far, better than my first P-07 Duty. This gun with 9 rounds of the light DOUBLE TAP 115 gr. TAC-XP is actually lighter for me to carry than my alloy framed RAMI. Nice Nites! The nice and big NITES that seem to sit on a ledge, are more user friendly to my aged eyesight.
I do believe those of you looking to buy a B series gun, or the new and some say improved P-07 with the P-09 hammer and trigger will be getting solid guns. I'd still like to buy a .38 Super GUARDIAN as I'm old and miss my Colt Commander a bit, but the P-07 Duty is a worthy successor to my now over 10 year old RAMI. Go forth and ventilate!

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