Sunday, September 14, 2014

Not much new these days. Looking forward to seeing what CZ and Dan Wesson will have in store for us fans in 2015. In the meantime, my now 10 year old RAMI, and my new CZ75 P-07 DUTY are perking along nicely. I've did a few holster reviews for SHTF GEAR products in the last 9 months, and the stuff is working splendid. The P-07 DUTY holster in a first generation hybrid IWB holster.
Mated with a High Noon or Kydex mag pouch... it carries really well. The new RAMI IWB holster (RAMI BD as well, but no RAMI P fits that I know of) is a generation 2 holster that features some improvements like adjustable retention.
My new belt with some brown clips makes for a gun that tucks right away until you want or need to draw.
I also have a SHTF GEAR Gen 2 IWB for my wife's Glock 42 .380.
Pretty cool and very slim and light to carry, even if it's not a CZ:)

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