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Forest fires, sick dogs and other maladies have kept us from doing much fishing..
or even shooting.

I'm hoping to get a Nikko Stirling scope.. mount it to my CZ 455 LUX and get out and shoot
it in .22 LR.

I'm not one to be reviewing a EVO pistol, or the BREN pistol..this summer, or at
any time this year.

While other rifles and pistol s have come and went out the door onto new lives.

My RAMI is still perking right along @ nearly 13 years old.

I think that I'm not alone, when saying that I'm eager to see what lies in store for us
CZ fans in 2016.

The long overdue Pocket Nine, or CZUB's entry into the Single Stack 9mm
war might be a reality?

One could also hope to see a 97B Compact or such with a polymer frame.

Myself, having tried other calibers over the 30 or so, could live my Golden
Years with .380, 9mm, and .45 ACP..just fine and dandy!

That ammo is available to me in my local shops and stores, along with online
ordering through Double Tap Ammo.
I would like to ad…