Friday, January 9, 2009

New developments as we go into 2009!

The RAMI BD is now reaching the Dealers.
WE have heard good things so far.

Should appeal to those that have overlooked the RAMI in the past,
that wanted a safer way of decocking.

In a way..I think that SAFETY should be first.

The addition of BD models to the CZ line is a good thing, really.

Just because I have no problem easing the hammer down on a live round,
doesn't mean that someone else will be as comfortable.

Welcome HORNADY to CZforum and the CZ-ZONE.

As a longtime patron and fan of Hornady products.

I'm very happy to announce that they have decided to join the
CZF Family.

Their new Critical Defense ammo reportedly Expands, Every Time!

Available in 9mm, 40 and 45 ACP plus .38 special.

I hope to see them apply their Flex Tip technology to the
resurging 10mm!!

Look for these and other Hornady banners as you cruise the forum and
other CZF ENTERPRISES websites.

More Info:

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