Thursday, February 19, 2009

CZ-USA Pricing For 2009: Polymer Framed Guns are Best Buys!

In looking at the new CZ-USA annual type magazine with the 45 page Buyer's Guide.
A bold new direction for CZ catalogs this year.

Other companies such as Glock and Mossberg have offered such Annuals for a few years, with S&W jumping aboard the concept for 2009, too.

With the recent price hike at CZUB and CZ-USA.

The POLYMER framed guns seem to be quite cheaper than the steel or alloy framed

Starting with the soon to be hot selling CZ75 P-07 DUTY in 9mm.

CZ P-01: $672

CZ75 P-07 Duty: $508

$164 Savings


SP-01 Tactical: $820

SP-01 Phantom: $681

$139 Savings

RAMI $671

RAMI P $612

$69 Savings

RAMI BD ( W/Nites) $747

RAMI P $612

$132 Savings

The Decocker version with nites might be worth the extra money
if you need/demand the new BD model.

A RAMI P BD might be the best of both worlds:)
Looks like the polymer guns might be the Best Buys in the CZ pistol line.

For those of you with doubts about anything 'plastic' from CZ.

While not such a great gun due to the horrible DAO trigger.
There has never been a problem with the CZ100 and it's polymer frame
cracking or breaking in any way. At least not to my knowledge.


The RAMI P and Phantom have been on the market and in shooter's
hand for a while now.

There is no apparent durability issues with the polymer frames.


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