Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Ammo from Hornady : FTX Critical Defense

Hello all!

In recent days I've obtained a quantity of the new FTX round in 9mm from the
good people at Hornady.

I will hopefully be testing it in my new RAMI P when the gun arrives shortly.

Early reports show the FTX ( Flex Tip design ) to resist clogging up with clothing and other debris, and resulting in Expansion, every single time!

12 inches of penetration with the 9mm 115 grain FTX critical defense load
sounds ideal to me.

At a listed 1,140 fps. My hope is that is will preform admirably in the RAMIs..
and no be too hot for the Chunk Monkey's small/light slide.

Myself and others have had slide velocity issues when using +P or +P+
rounds, and the FTX will be put to the test soon.

As a big fan/user of the mighty 10mm round, incuding the superb Hornady XTP
bullet. I'm looking forward to seeing Hornady (a leader in ammo technology) offer
the FTX in this wonderful caliber.

Likewise, I hear that people are very happy to be carrying this in their

I should be getting my Ruger LCP soon:)

1 comment:

  1. I would like to see this round in .40 S&W for my glock 27-23 in 165grain and 180grain.


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