Friday, April 3, 2009


The CZexy as hell PHANTOM is now gracing the cover of the June 2009
issue. Like or hate polymer guns, the new line of polymer framed CZs is going to be hard to miss this year. The Phantom looks to be sweetness on rails, if you know what I mean:)

CZ fans are already screaming for a .40 version of the PHANTOM and P-07 DUTY.

HORNADY Should Be Bringing .40 S&W FTX to the market very soon.

I've liked the Phantom since the first time that I saw a pic.
They were running around Australia back then.. and those guys were
having some real fun with the latest toy from CZ.

Of course, the Phantom is featured on the cover of the 2009 CZ-USA Catalog as well.

The article inside by Patrick Sweeney is well worth the newstand price, or a request
from CZ-USA by phone or e-mail. 1-800-955-4486 or

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