Monday, January 4, 2010

.40s On The Horizon!

Word from CZ-USA is that there will be .40 S&W versions of the P-07 Duty for 2010.

Whether the rumored first batch of 100 will hit our shores this month, is up to the
good folks at the factory in Uhersky Brod.

Owning 5 CZ 9mms myself and recently selling my 10mm due to non-usage.
(I guess that's what you could call having only shot it on two occasions
in past 10 years?)

I'm partially open to exploring a .40 caliber Duty.

The ammo supply on a local level shows there to be more .40 S&W than 9mm
or .45 on the shelves. Most of it being SPEER, but that is a good thing!

Being on of the very first to review the new offering sounds exciting.

I'm thinking that my two factory P-07 holsters would fit either caliber gun, but
you never know.

Of course, one could always carry the Forty Duty in one of these:

More to follow.


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