Wednesday, December 24, 2014


of an adjective or adverb) expressing the highest or a very high degree of a quality (e.g., bravest, most fiercely ). While some might not agree that DAN WESSON are of that description, I've liked them since before CZ-USA took over. DAN WESSON CBOB:Being a COLT 1911 guy up to then, my first DW 1911 was a stainless CBOB with Hakan Pek custom grips.
It shot great, but I did find very quickly I might add, that it was pretty heavy for CCW use. Myself, having come away from 2 years of carrying the big 97B .45 auto. Just couldn't grin and bear the weight of the CBOB, no matter how much I liked it and how sweet it shot for both myself and Nancy.
Cheap Blazer and even Wolf ammo couldn't choke it, and Double Tap was accurate to the extreme!
FAST FORWARD: About6 months ago I had a good look at my small collection of pistols and revolvers. I'd went the gauntlet from Glocks, to Rugers, to CZs, and Magnum Research (MDE, Baby Eagle) to no avail. My early years with a COLT Combat Commander that I carried off-duty as a young patrolman, seemed to have imprinted something in my brain, some 30 years later! I could (and still can) remember shooting it in archaic combat matches and cleaning the clocks of revolver guys and most of those with 1911s ( remember the STAR PDs, I wish I had one now days) and other semi-autos. The hot ammo to have back then was the newly introduced 185 grain Winchester Silvertip JHP. No feeding issues with my stock as stove COLT, that never saw bullet it didn't like. Well, marriage a kid, a divorce,,,bye by gun know the rest. THESE DAYS: The pics of the DAN WESSON GUARDIANS ( 9mm, .38 Super, and .45 ACP) take me back a bit to that COLT.
A COLT Lightweight Commander would be my second choice, but a DAN WESSON will usually have more features and according to most experts on the 1911..better quality control. More to follow my friends!

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