Saturday, November 19, 2016

Will Christmas Come Early?

Well, like some of you out there.

I have been reading posts about CZUB/CZ-USA's plans to give out more information
about their new CZ P10 C 9mm pistol...reportedly on Thanksgiving Day?

By minor speculation and maybe just good-old-fashioned wishful thinking..the new pistol
will be the long rumored (and hoped for) Striker-Fired addition to the CZ line.

While the old CZ-100 :

and CZ-110 (never for sale in the states) were striker-fired as
well. They didn't fare well ( at least in this country) in the battle among Wonder-Nines
 way back then in the infancy of my growing

The God awful DAO trigger pull on my CZ-100 was kind of hit-and when you
pulled the trigger, you never knew where it was going to hit.

However...and I say that word alot these days when it comes to guns.

Like the CZ-100s best attributes of being light, compact and true to CZ heritage..
utterly reliable.

I'm hoping that CZUB did their homework on this new gun and it will live up to both
the factory's and discriminating CZ fan and owner standards.

So...My hope is that everyone here in the USA has a great Turkey Day, and I can get
a look at more pics and maybe some specs on the P10 C 9mm to post in a few weeks!

In any event, I wish everyone over at the factory and my friends in Kansas City,, the very
best with this new P 10 C..and their modern venture into the striker-fired world.

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