Sunday, April 9, 2017

Firing Line: RAMI BD

After years on wondering what a BD would be like, I found out that that they are pretty tight fitting from the factory.

Myself and others have had the same experience with their new BDs, but I'm sure that mine will
break in nicely.

Out of 78 rounds fired. I had a couple failures to close on Magtech FMJ ammo.

Maybe be because of the ammo, or just a new gun's minute Gremilin showing it's head?

This was after I fired a couple mags of shiny new Sellior&Bellot, and some Double Tap JHPs.

My plan is to shoot it some more, like every week for a month before carrying it for
self defense.

However, I'm having a real ball promoting this new gun on CZF , the Facebook RAMI page..
and other places.

The TALON GRIPS give it a rock steady feel when firing.. even if they don't look like tradtional
RAMI grips.

Having the Decock Lever is surely a Godsend at the Range.

No more having to manually lower the hammer over a live round, then reholster before
leaving the area, then resuming my daily duties while carrying concealed.

Not to mention, the new NITE Sights are twice as bright as the aging Nites on my regular

At this point in time:

All I can say about a RAMI BD is Buy One, if you can find one!

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