Thursday, April 27, 2017

Two New RAMI Mags.

In expressing myself to Cz-USA that the new RAMI BD was breaking in nicely, but didn't
care much for my older RAMI Magazines.

They sent me a nice long sleeved logo shirt and two brand spanking new 14-shot extended

After firing 73 rounds through both of them and my original mag marked BD on the bottom
by me via a marker.

I'm happy to say that a 3 of the 14-shot mags and the 10-shot (carry) mag all performed 100%
at the range.

My  7 and 12 yard targets showed good hits whether using Double Tap and other JHPs such as Gold Dot, and XTPs.

This is from new gun that has hit the 235 round mark without cleaning.

The trigger reset is getting much better.

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