Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Looking forward to cooler weather. Awesome pic of a P10-C and holster!


Not much going on . Some .22 shooting, a bit of Scorpion, and mainly looking forward to some cooler weather after a blistering hot summer.

I'd like to buy the

SB Tactical SBT Evo Scorpion brace , but really think I need to save for a P10-C.

One in basic/combat black would suit me fine.

I'd opt for a Holster From BLACK ARCH to carry it in if I choose to do so.

This holster is top-notch quality from a very progressive and ever expanding company.

They even have new Kydex mag pouches to compliment their ADM and PROTOS-M holsters.

I've used their holsters when they were SHTF GEAR, and also since they became BLACK ARCH HOLSTERS.
Comfortable, and yet still secure.

Not much in the CZ rifle line that I want, except their .22 Semi-Auto called the CZ 512 Tactical.
Being super impressed with the 

CZ 557 Sporter

 that I handled last month.

I found it to be really smooth for a CZ that's usually a really tight action when you are talking
a CZ 550.

However, a CZ P10-C will be my next purchase in the CZ/DW line.

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