Saturday, January 21, 2017

CZ Dilmema: What to buy in 2017?

Well.. by now most of you know that the P10 C was a big hit @SHOT this year.

As for myself, I wish CZUB and CZ-USA the very best with this new gun,
but was hoping to see the Sub-Compact, or I should say..Semi-Compact..
 debut in Las Vegas, as well.

With no real timeline on the SUB, I can only think about picking up a P10C
and seeing what the striker is like.

The fact that the P10C has an even longer grip than a Glock 19 is one factor
that might keep me from bringing a P10 C home.

I could buy a P07 or 1 PCR/P-01 if I wanted a longer grip than my RAMI..
alas, but no striker-fired trigger that most gunwriters and other SHOT SHOW
attendees are raving about.

Should the Sub-Compact/Semi-Compact become a reality later this year, I might think of
holding off and not buying a RAMI BD when they become more available.

Given that the P10 C is 25.9 ounces (unloaded) it puts it right with my
RAMI. The SUB/Semi would have a shorter magazine and grip thus trimming
the ounces even more.

Some might say I should get both?

 However the BD is the most expensive
RAMI and rivals some of the bigger CZs in price.

Whether or not I could afford a BD and then the SUB, I have no idea.

Its a good thing we have so many nice options in the CZ/DW line:)

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