Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Double Action vs Striker Fire.

Well, I shot my 13 year old RAMI today at the local (Diamondback Shooters) indoor range like
I try to do every week if possible.

Due to having carpal tunnel syndrome (for a couple years) in both hands/wrist, I had to fight the Double Action trigger pull for the first shot.

A PRC, or P01, not to mention a RAMI BD.. or other CZ decocker equipped gun would make it
a tiny bit easier due to the fact that the hammer rests on a ledge in the half-cocked postition.
Thus, when you pull the trigger, the hammer only has minimal travel.. as opposed to the RAMI
or other tradtional DA/SA gun from CZ.

Most of the SIGs that I've owned of shot have always shown to be guns that don't have their
hammers fully down.

However..even with the Half-Cock postion of the CZ Decocker pistols, that hammer still
has to come back and make the arc to full completion before the firing pin safey will
drop down and the hammer can fall foward to ingnite the cartridge.

Other brands might have the same setup, but I'm really only concerned with CZs here.

Then there are 1911s.

Sweet triggers on most of them, but a world apart from a RAMI or
other CZ trigger.

Nancy's 1911 in 9mm is a joy to shoot, but you get that with a 1911s uncomplicated
design that lends to fast action and superb accuracy.

As more range reports and videos keep rolling in on the CZ P10 C.

I'm getting e-mails and questions about this new CZ super pistol??

I've not been lucky enough to buy one yet or even glimpse on in person.

Hopefully, one of the local shops in Lewsiton or Clarkston...will get one in
for myself or others to handle/fondle..or even drool upon as they get intimate
with it's reportedly exquisite ergonomics and striker-fired trigger.

Time will tell if I'm able buy, steal  (probably not steal) or trade for one..so I
can make my own judgement(s) about such.

Zshould it orove to big, heavy or have too long a grip for me..I always have my
RAMI to fall back on...or I can go to a PCR or other CZ pistol,

The P-07, P-07 Duty, and  P-09 would also fall into the catagory of having a
longer grip than my RAMIs, unless one carries with the 14-round magazine.

Stay tuned, I'll give an update a soon as I get back from a shop that has a P10 C
in stock.

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